Power On/Off Troubleshooting

Here are some suggestions that could solve the problem and prevent you from having to be without your unit!

Check the Fuse
If your unit will not power up, please check the fuse.  It will be located in a fuse-holder attached to the red wire on the power cable. If the fuse has blown, replace it with a fuse that is the same value. If the unit is wired to a fuse panel, check the fuse in the panel. 

Debris in the Keyboard Contacts
In case there is dirt or other debris covering the contacts inside the keypad, press down on the button in question and wiggle it to try to restore its function.

Inspect the Connections
Make sure the power cable connector is seated securely in the connector on the unit. Make sure that the cable connections to the power source are not loose or disconnected.  

Clean the Connections
Corrosion or oxidation could occur on the power cable connector pins and fuse-holder. This can prevent sufficient power from flowing to the unit. Clean the connections to be sure. Sometimes the substance is clear and not easily seen.

Verify the Presence of Voltage
Using a volt-meter, verify that your power source is outputting 12 volts. Then use the volt-meter to verify that the same amount of power is coming through the cable connector that plugs into the unit (see some of the most common power cable pin diagrams below).

Uniplug power pinout diagram HST-WSU or PC-24U power plug list New Gray Connector power pinout diagram New Gray connector plug list
HST-WSU or PC-24U New Gray Connector - PC-23X

Rechargeable Batteries
If your unit has rechargeable batteries, try charging them overnight to give them ample time to charge.

Cigarette Lighter Adapter Cable
Check the fuse in the power cable for a blown fuse.