Marking Fish Troubleshooting

Here are some suggestions that could solve the problem and prevent you from having to be without your unit!

* Boat Speed: Fish arches will only appear at slow speeds.

* Depth Range: If your boat is in water deeper than 20ft, try setting the upper and lower limits to a 20ft depth section, such as 40ft to 60ft or whatever depth you expect the fish to appear at. This will maximize the screen resolution to show small objects larger on the screen. It unlikely you will see average-sized fish display as arches in a 100ft deep water column.

* Electrical Noise: Advanced Signal Processing (ASP) built into your sonar will try to filter any noise from causing clutter on the screen. If noise is present from other devices on the boat, ASP may filter so strongly that the fish arches are prevented from being displayed on the screen. Turn ASP off, then adjust the sensitivity as necessary. If possible, locate the source of the noise and shut that device off if it is not needed.

* Sensitivity: Automatic operation with Advanced Signal Processing (ASP) will likely give you the proper sensitivity settings but, if necessary, the sensitivity should be increased by turning off the auto-sensitivity setting in the menu and increasing it manually.

* Transducer Installation: If you are using a transom-mounted transducer, the angle of the transducer may prevent a fish arch from displaying properly. If the arch slopes up but not down, then the front of the transducer is too high and needs to be lowered. If only the back half of the arch is shown, the nose of the transducer is angled too low and needs to be raised.