GPS Lock Troubleshooting

Here are some suggestions that could solve the problem and prevent you from having to be without your unit!

* Clear View of the Sky: To determine your current position, the GPS receiver must "lock" onto at least 3 GPS satellites. For the best signal reception, an external GPS antenna/receiver should be located where it can receive as many signals as possible. Ideally, there should be nothing around or above the antenna. However, GPS antennas can receive signals well through many types of glass and fabric. It is highly recommended to try various locations before making a permanent installation.

* Internal GPS Receiver: GPS units with internal receivers or antennas also need to be used where the top of the unit (where the antenna/receiver is located) has as clear a view of the sky as possible. A unit with an internal GPS receiver should not be mounted in-dash.

* WAAS Alarm: Since it is still in development, WAAS signals do not cover as great an area as GPS signals. As a result, your unit may not be locked onto WAAS signals at all times. A visual alarm can be shown whenever the unit has lost a lock on the WAAS signals. If this information is not important to you, you can turn this alarm off in the GPS Setup Menu.

* Require WAAS This setting will cause your unit to lose your GPS position if it is not locked onto WAAS signals at the same time.This is another setting in the GPS Setup Menu. If you do not want the unit to be locked onto position without the WAAS correction signals, then you can select this option. Most users prefer to have a GPS lock whether they have a lock on the WAAS signals or not. If this is the case, uncheck this option.

* Update the Software: Make sure your unit has the latest software version. Click here to go to the Software Update page on You can download the update for free.

* Reset the Unit: Sometimes resetting your unit can solve unusual issues. Click here to access a list of reset procedures for Eagle products. Locate the one that applies to the model you own. Try a Soft Reset first, this will return your settings to factory defaults.

If you decide to try a Hard Reset, save any important stored data to an MMC or SD card or write the information down. The data will be deleted during this process.