GPS Accuracy Troubleshooting

Here are some suggestions that could solve the problem and prevent you from having to be without your unit!

* Expectations: The GPS and WAAS technologies are excellent aids to navigation. However, consumer products do not have the pinpoint accuracy found in military and surveying devices. Typically, GPS accuracy without WAAS will be around 10-20 meters (30-60ft) or less. With the addition of WAAS, accuracy can be as high as 5 meters (15ft) or less. There are still variables that will effect accuracy such as atmospheric interference, location and combination of satellites in use, and frequency in which the unit is updating your position.

* Cartography (Map Data): Eagle obtains its mapping data from government agencies. Mapping is not an exact science. A unit's GPS position (Latitude/Longitude) can be extremely accurate, but the location of a cartographic item such as a street, highway, or point-of-interest may be slightly inaccurate. We encourage the reporting of inaccuracies or omissions so that we can consider them for future revisions.

Please consider that our products are designed to be aids to navigation and not the sole means of navigation. A prudent navigator will also have several items necessary for safe navigation.

* Adjust the Zoom Range: The accuracy of your position could look different at various zoom ranges. For example, at a 5 mile range, the cursor representing your position may appear to be in the center of a highway your are driving on. However, if you zoom into a much closer 0.1 mile range, the position may appear off-center due to the variables mentioned above.

* Verify the GPS Accuracy: Try this simple method to verify that the GPS receiver in your unit is accurate. Have your unit lock onto GPS position in a known location like your driveway, boat slip, or campsite. Save that location in the unit as a waypoint. Now travel away from the known location. Stop and recall the saved waypoint in the unit. Select GO TO to start the unit navigating back to that location. Observe the Distance To Go data as you travel back to that location. When you arrive at your waypoint, the Distance To Go should be close to 0.

* Update the Software: Make sure your unit has the latest software version. Click here to go to the Software Update page on You can download the update for free.

* Reset the Unit: Sometimes resetting your unit can solve unusual issues. Click here to access a list of reset procedures for Eagle products. Locate the one that applies to the model you own. Try a Soft Reset first, this will return your settings to factory defaults.

If you decide to try a Hard Reset, save any important stored data to an MMC or SD card or write the information down. The data will be deleted during this process.