Display Troubelshooting

Here are some suggestions that could solve the problem and prevent you from having to be without your unit!

* Cleaning the Screen: Warm water and soap will work fine. You can also use ammonia-type cleaners like Windex. Do not use any type of abrasive cleaners. They will remove the Anti-Reflection coating from the glass.

* Electrical Noise: Other electrical devices on the boat can cause lines on the display. To determine the source of the noise, shut off all electronic devices on the boat. Power up only the Eagle unit. If no lines appear on the screen, then start powering up other devices one at a time until the lines reappear. You may need to route the cables of the problem source away from those of the Eagle unit.

* Backlight Flickering: Make sure your electrical connections are clean and that your power source has a stable ground connection. Try resetting the unit according to the Unit Reset Procedure page. Also, make sure your unit has the latest software by downloading the update from the Software Updates page.

* Update the Software: Make sure your unit has the latest software version. Click here to go to the Software Update page on Eaglenav.com. You can download the update for free.

* Reset the Unit: Sometimes resetting your unit can solve unusual display issues. Click here to access a list of reset procedures for Eagle products. Locate the one that applies to the model you own. Try a Soft Reset first, this will return your settings to factory defaults.

If you decide to try a Hard Reset, save any important stored data to an MMC or SD card or write the information down. The data will be deleted during this process.